Planning Your Ultimate Family Trip

Have you got your long awaited holiday? Waiting to set off on a vacation with the rest of your family? Well, there are so many beaches, heritage sites, adventurous parks and many other spectacular locations out there in the world that are waiting for you. But not all these sites will kindle interest in you and you might find some of these sites a little out of your budget and capacity. The first thing to make a trip successful and memorable is to plan it well. Being spontaneous is also fun and exciting. Yet a family trip that includes kids and elderly requires a lot planning and there are safety measures to think of as well. Therefore here are a few important points to remember and a few suggestions of destinations that will be very much helpful for you to plan your family vacation.


The first step is to brain storm for a place to visit. Think of the interests of your family as a whole. Do they want to visit new places, relax on the beach or have a small barbeque near a lake? For example if you choose to have a beach vacation, the next step is to decide whether you intend to travel abroad or visit a local beach. Traveling would be expensive yet it will be a brand new and a memorable experience for the kids. Lopes Mendes beach- Brazil, Barnes Bay- Anguilla, Waipio Valley beach- Hawaii, accommodation 1770 Agnes Waters – QLD, Australia and El Nido beach in Philippines are a few suggestions for beautiful and safe beach sites of the world.  Once the location is fixed you need to define your budget. List down all the costs including transportation, accommodation, food, entertainment and remember to keep an extra portion for emergency purposes


The next step is to plan all the necessary logistics. Purchase your airline tickets at least a month prior to the set date. Don’t wait until the last moment as it will only be a burden. Book your hotel rooms well in advance as well. Have a clear idea about the food and other services offered by the hotel. Do not book the first place that you come across. Do some research about the prices and check the reviews as well. Luxury hotels or resorts, for example, accommodation 1770 Agnes Waters will provide a total package of food and lodging and several other extra activities as well. These details need to be well checked.


Think of your mode of transportation. Even if you reach the destination by airplane, how will you arrange transportation thereafter? Hiring a vehicle or hotel transportation? Make sure you bond very well with your family. Create some lovely memories of a hike, a boat ride or a road trip. Group yourselves for different activities. Let the boys play a football game while the ladies have a round of shopping. Be spontaneous. Don’t plan the activities too much. Let the kids enjoy themselves and do some off the schedule activities as well.